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The Three Factors of Value we’ve learned by Comparing Shopify Plus and Magento Enterprise

When you have a bigger company finding an ecommerce platform can be a bit of a challenge, mostly since most of them are aimed towards smaller and medium sized businesses. However two excellent options for larger businesses are Shopify Plus and Magento enterprise. Today we are going to be comparing Shopify Plus and Magento Enterprise to get a closer look at the both, so make sure you keep on reading to learn more about them.

Customer experience

First of all we are going to talk about one of the most important parts of every platform and that is the experience that customers have had using it. When it comes to this point, we can definitely say that Shopify Plus is the clear winner because it has a 99% vs. Magento Enterprise’s 90%. This isn’t really surprising considering the fact that Shopify currently has over 400.000 active online stores, so if popularity is what will help you make this decision, then you can see the winner.


When it comes to features, that is the part in this article comparing Shopify Plus and Magento Enterprise where they are really both pretty great because they will offer you a lot of features. They both have very useful app stores ass well that you will find really handy every time that you want to improve the functionality of the ecommerce. So, as far as functionalities go you can be sure that you will be getting all you need for your business by both of the platform.

Type of businesses that are supported

If there is one big difference between the two platforms, it is the fact that they are very different when it comes to the businesses that they support. Shopify was made for small businesses, so if you decide to go for Shopify Plus you will be able to use it for small, medium sized and large businesses. On the other hand Magneto Enterprise is definitely catered towards large enterprises, so if you go for this platform that is the only kind of business that will benefit from it.

When you compare these two platforms, it can be hard to figure out which one is the better choice between the two because you won’t lose anything by using either one of them. However, if you were on the verge between the two, we hope that you found this article comparing Shopify Plus and Magento Enterprise and that it helped make your choice easier.

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