Basic Factors that Make Magento Different from Shopify

In the world of fast growing businesses e-commerce platforms have provided business the boost that they need. Ecommerce platforms helps the business to have a market place of its own over the internet. It is therefore necessary for the business to decide which ecommerce platforms the business should opt for. As these platforms are responsible for creating, organizing, maintaining and recording the online business operation, the decision should be taken wisely. There are a number of features that you should search for in an ecommerce platform. And these features are the services that the ecommerce platform will provide you. Therefore, what suits best for your business is what you should go for?

Two of the ecommerce platforms that are widely known for their services are Shopify and Magento. Although both are great platforms however, there are some key feature that creates a distinction among the two ecommerce platforms. While making the choice you must have to go through these features and choose what suits your business the best.

Ease of Use

An ecommerce platform is generally used by people who are not so much aware of the technical knowledge needed to develop a website of their own for their business. Therefore, ecommerce platforms are usually easy to use. If we compare Shopify with Magento, Shopify is much easier to use and manage. On the other hand, Magento provides flexibility for its customers and you can make changes to it if you have some technical know-how.


Performance matters. If your online business website is slow to perform it might be threatening to your business. Customers do not like to shop on websites that take too much time to load. And, an unhappy customer is difficult to retain. Shopify in this case provides a hosted solution for its customers. You do not need to worry about your website going down. In the contrary, Magento does not provide such a service and you will have to provide for your own hosting.


The cost factor is important for any kind of business. Shopify charges a monthly subscription fee for their services. Besides that, you Shopify will also charge you for the transactions that the business makes. While for Magento you cannot fix a price. The costs will depend on Magento’s features plus the hosting that you choose.

Conclusively, both of the ecommerce websites are great and they both provide an easy solution. If you are basic you will want to go for Shopify. However, if you are more towards flexibility Magento is the right decision!

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